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About Westco Chemicals, Inc.

For over half a century Westco Chemicals Inc. has been a supplier and distributor of an expanding list of food, nutritional, industrial, pharmaceutical, and personal care ingredients. Located in North Hollywood California, Westco Chemicals is a major business-to-business distributor of ingredients through out the western region of the United States.
From Coast to Coast, Westco Chemicals can find the right ingredients for your needs!

Our Mission Statement, Vision, Values

“Our ultimate goal is to provide our partners with the best service, highest quality of products, and the most competitive pricing.  We strive to have what you need, when you need it!” These are our goals. We use all of our resources, to strive to do it better and ultimately, be the best!

Our vision is to grow into a national distributor of ingredients  for the markets we serve. We believe that our expanding network of manufacturers will provide us with the ability to meet our goals.

Quality – Integrity – Value
We take pride in our honesty and integrity in all dealings with our customers.
We stand behind all of our products.
We guarantee to deliver quality goods at fair and competitive market prices.
You can count on our Word


…Thank you for being my savior during the Covid 19 Pandemic!  Every product we had a hard time finding or getting from our current supplier, you had for us! We appreciate the service you provided and the free delivery made it an easy decision to switch to Westco.  We were feeling like a sole survivor so Thank You for making us feel so good as you have become our “sole provider”. “

-Noodle Manufacturer

“Westco seems to be the only company in Southern California who maintains local inventory.  We needed glycerin, 10 drums for a rush job in March 2020, and we were able to get the same day! I understand that this product was in short supply, but the vendor I normally get it from could not guarantee when he would even have back in stock, and his price was outrageous!  Thank you for being so helpful and just being there when we needed a helping hand.”

– Large Personal Care Manufacturer / Employer

We had an issue with one of the products we bought from you and you made it right. Thank you for being so proactive.  The salesman came out to our facility, inspected the product and took pictures, and within a day replaced the product! Wow..I couldn’t believe the customer service that Westco provided. Our  past experiences with prior suppliers have been less than marginal, at best.  We hope to work with you much more in the next few weeks.

-Nutritional Manufacturer

Your company reminds me of the good ‘ol days, when you could get whatever you needed, whenever you wanted it. No long lead times and the ability to go right down the street and pick up what you want.

In a nutshell, that has been my experience with Westco!  Although we are not that close (a 30 min drive), Westco had what we needed, on the floor, to pick up.  We did just that.  Thank you for having what we need, every time we need it!  I wish all the other companies were able to perform in the same way as they did years ago…things have definitely changed, but not at Westco!

-Large Food / Bakery Producer

“…whenever I have an issue with needing an item quickly or last minute, Westco is my “go to”. Thank you for always being there for us!”

-Large Supplement / Vitamin / Nutritional Manufacturer


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