Milk and dairy products have a short shelf life, however milk powders and derivatives, have allowed a global industry to be developed.

In North America, the dairy industry prides itself on being the most vast and diverse, as well as the most innovative, however, the global dairy sector is currently going through change.

In addition, changing consumer demand patterns are affecting food production. The “Traditional” value drivers of price, taste, and convenience have been complemented by newer and “Evolving” drivers such as health and wellness, safety, social impact, and experience.

 Westco prides itself on stocking, supplying, and distributing the highest quality proteins, alternatives, and value-added products.

We have right on our warehouse floor, Non Fat Dry Milk, Whey, Isolates, up to 90% protein, Concentrates, up to 80% protein, as well as many other milk derivatives which we have the ability to procure for you, as a special buy, custom to your individual needs!

We also offer the highest quality “plant” based proteins, like Pea and Organic Brown Rice, as well many others. We also offer all the amino acids, that make a complete protein, as well as MCT products.

If you do not see it here, please ask!  We should be able to obtain it for you and even stock it, for your future needs!

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