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Food and Bakery

For decades, starting in the 1960s onwards, the food industry has seen major changes.  Saturated fat was once the enemy. And thus, butter — a convenient stand-in for saturated fat — was exiled. Margarine, a butter replacement made from vegetable oil and water, swiftly took its place in the American diet. Sales of the spread soared throughout the 1980s.

Beginning in the ‘90s, America’s health concerns began to shift away from saturated fat towards processed, artificial foods. Unnatural margarine became the enemy — sales plummeted and continued to fall into the 2000s. Meanwhile, butter’s reputation as a wholesome, natural food was restored. Sales began to climb.

Altogether, such a dramatic reversal can be discouraging for anyone who strives to follow a healthy diet. And unfortunately, it’s not an isolated occurrence. Judging from the headlines and flash-in-the-pan food fads — remember the diet cookie? — the science of food is a mercurial discipline. Over the years, fat, cholesterol, sodium and sugar have all been singled out as the greatest contributor to our expanding waistlines.

Despite Changes to Federal Dietary Guidelines, the Rules of Healthy Eating Have Never Changed.  We strive to grow and evolve with the many changes as well.

Today, 2021, Economic shutdowns have severely disrupted supply chains that move food from farm to fork.  Westco has done everything possible to keep our products in stock, locally.

We have added many Non GMO, Organic, Certified Organic, and Natural items to our vast array of Food products.  Rest assured, We are here, at your service!

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