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Our Locations

Our Locations Throughout the United States

We have representatives in the following areas:
Northern and Southern 
California, Arizona, Utah, New Jersey, and Minnesota

We have warehouse locations in the following areas:
California, Colorado,
Minnesota, New Jersey & Utah


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Southern California and Surrounding areas:
(Names in alphabetical order)

Bob Brannon
(818) 255-3655

Hans Belda
(714) 856-3506 (Covers All of So. Cal)
Primarily Cosmetics/Pers. Care, and other products

Joey Fallas
(818) 370-8514 (Covers All of So. Cal)

Bonnie Gosline
(714) 396-6503 (Covers All of So. Cal)

Andy Jauregui
(909) 718-9900 (Covers All of So. Cal)

Alex Kim
(909) 767-7955 (Covers All of So. Cal)

Rose Santos
(714) 350-7946 (Covers All of So. Cal)
Primarily Cosmetics/Pers. Care, and other products

Western Regions
(Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado)

Nico DeCock
(801) 603-8183

Southwestern Region
(Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, So. Cal.)

John Heinze
(480) 204-1771

Western Region
(Oleochemicals, Western U.S)

Kurt Matz
(602) 363-3237

Northern California
(N. California, also Western Nevada, Reno)

Dave Wiley
(707) 631-0943


Kathy Hoffman
(612) 398-5507  Based in Minnesota

East Coast

Rene Stoufer
(908) 537-6731  Based in New Jersey

Westco Chemicals Inc.
12551 Saticoy St. South
North Hollywood, CA

Phone: 818-255-3655
FAX:    818-255-3650

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