To keep stress and depression at bay and maintain your physical health, try implementing one or more of these self-care strategies:

Stay Hydrated

While this may seem obvious, staying hydrated is often a challenge for everyone. To combat dehydration, take small sips of water throughout your day. Consider investing in an insulated tumbler to keep beverages at the preferred temperature.

Take Restroom Breaks

When you are busy, it can be easy to overlook your own needs. Making time for restroom breaks throughout your day is important! A few two-minute trips to the restroom can prevent unnecessary and painful urinary tract and bladder infections.

Plan Healthy Meals and Snacks

This is your mother speaking….You need to frequently refresh your energy reserves as you work throughout the day, so make sure you have healthy meals and snacks readily available. Avoid relying on foods and drinks that contain high levels of caffeine and sugar. Instead, select nutritious foods that are portable and require minimal preparation.

Choose Exercise You Enjoy

Stamina and strength are necessary to perform any job properly, and exercise can help. Find an exercise you enjoy — whether it is walking, swimming, cycling or yoga — and do it at least a few times a week. Some employers offer discounted gym memberships or even hold fitness classes on campus, so try out a few different exercises and find what works best for you.

Create a Sleep-Friendly Environment

Even if you are not working the “night shift”, creating a relaxing sleep environment can ensure you get the rest you need. Room-darkening curtains, eye masks, even ear plugs and noise machines can be helpful options.  We can’t stress enough how important sleep is to your mental and physical health!

Keep in Touch With Family and Friends

Your mental health is more important than you think!. While it may be tempting to pass on an outing with friends or family, maintaining these relationships can do wonders for your emotional health. Though you can’t say yes to every invitation, strive to meet up with others outside of work, at least once a week.

Be Mindful

Meditation techniques, like deep breathing and guided imagery, can be instrumental in relieving stress and refocusing on the present. With a growing number of smartphone apps as well as meditation videos designed solely for nurses, finding a suitable format and style has never been easier.

Remember.You can’t take “good” care of others, if you can’t take “good” care of yourself. You can’t truly love others, if you don’t love yourself.

Be Safe, Be well, Take good care of yourself.